Pannonian Uniform Lithospheric Infrared Spectral Database


Here I would like to express my gratitude to many colleagues who directly or indirectly contributed to the construction and continuous upgrade of the PULI database:

  • Beatrix Udvardi, Zsanett Pintér, Levente Patkó, Nóra Liptai - Eötvös Univerity, GGIH;
  • Dr. Károly Hidas - Geosciences Montpellier;
  • Lászlóné Kutassy, Pál Lendvay, Dr. Júlia Dégi, Dr. György Falus, Dr. Kálmán Török, Dr. Tamás Fancsik, István Török, Tamás Zelei -GGIH;
  • Dr. Csaba Szabó, Dr. Márta Berkesi - Eötvös University
  • Dr. Judith Mihály, Csaba Németh, Tamás Keszthelyi, Dr. Gábor Keresztury - Research Centre of Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences;
  • Dr. Tamás Gál, Judit Kovács, Zsolt Szoldán - Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences;
  • Prof. Katalin Kamarás, Zsolt Szekrényes - Wigner Institute, Hunagrian Academy of Sciences

All of whom provided substantial assistance in the selection, organization and digitalization of infrared spectra.

Prof. Jörg Hermann, Prof. Hugh St. C. O'Neill and Dr. Andrew Berry (RSES ANU) are greatly appreciated for their help in infrared spectroscopy.

We would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of Prof. Jannick Ingrin (Université Lille 1),Dr. Anne Peslier (NASA), Prof. Roland Stalder (University of Innsbruck),Prof. Jörg Hermann (RSES ANU) and Dr. Jed Mosenfelder (University of Minnesota) who kindly donated the electronic version of many of their original infrared spectra and provided us with useful hints regarding the construction of the database.

The construction and maintenance of the PULI website was in part supported by the following grants to Dr. István Kovács and GGIH:

  • OTKA, Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (grant number: PD 101683)
  • Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant (grant number: NAMs-230937)

The Flextra-Lab Ltd. and the Bruker companies also assisted the construction of the database as many of the spectra were obtained by using Bruker instruments and all the spectra appearing in the database were (re-)evaluates using OPUS 6.5 software.